Polymer Technologies USA

Everything we do on this earth, we do on top of the soil.

Our edifices, our homes, our monuments, and more, all depend on our ability to cultivate the soil and create firm ground upon which to build our achievements, hopes and dreams.

That’s why Polymer Technologies USA is empowering companies everywhere with their new revolutionary, patent-protected polyurethane technology for soil stabilization.

Using our new revolutionary system, we can inject polyurethane at unlimited depths to create fast reactions across both vertical and horizontal voids in the soil.

What does this mean for you? Polymer Technologies USA can help you render more of your developed land for a wealth of uses—because, with our innovative technology, your soil will be dependable and safe.

At Polymer Technologies USA, we’re twenty years beyond its time. Implement our cutting-edge polyurethane technology for soil stabilization.

A visual representation of the kind of work we do.

Contact Information:

Office: (813) 704-7941

E-mail: polymertechnologiesusa@gmail.com

Website: sinkholes.net