Is there a safe area of Florida in which to live without risks sinkholes?

Honestly, no. Since the entire state is underlain by carbonate rocks, sinkholes could theoretically form anywhere. However, there are definite regions where sinkhole risk is considerably higher. In general, areas of the state where limestone is close to surface, or areas with deeper limestone but with a conducive configuration of water table elevation, stratigraphy, and aquifer characteristics have increased sinkhole activity. 

The only way to ensure that you don’t purchase property that might be prone to sinkhole activity is to not buy property in a karst region. Karst refers to landforms that develop due to the dissolving away, over geologic time, of geologic materials near the surface. In most cases, that material is limestone. Learn about the local geology in an area you are considering purchasing land in and find out if it is a karst region.

If you have any signs of a sinkhole in your home and would like to repair it, please contact us below.

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